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Australasia's Proven Food Processing Solutions

newtec-weigherAs markets move toward "ready-to-eat", "guaranteed fresh" convenience foods, growers and processors need more modern equipment to meet current world trends in marketing and packaging.

For almost any product to be sold - the product will need to be sorted, inspected, graded, sliced, diced, washed. DNL have solutions: washing, grading, weighing, packaging, coding, check-weighing, tray loading, palletising.

Delicate, soft handling features ensure good product in / good product out, and DNL integrate with your whole process to ensure your competitive advantage.

DNL specialise in the selection, design, modification, installation and support of Australasia's most advanced food processing machinery.

For small or large operations nationwide, DNL back their systems with full training, spares, mobile professionals and programmed maintenance.

NEWTEC-PC-Weigher-for-Fresh EILLERT-GWB5000 JASA-250-Compact EILLERT-Vegetable-Prep

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